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Whether you’re a first time shopper at Ma’s India or a frequent browser, this section shows you the very latest products we now have in stock. Ma’s India is dedicated to work continually to find quality spiritual products you will love. And why pay multiple shipping charges when Ma’s India has new books, music, jewelry, home décor, essential oils, incense, statues, photos, and so much more – your one-stop shop for the best and most varied spiritual products. Come and browse through our latest selections. You’re sure to find a product you can’t live without.-

Ganesh Journal
Hanuman Journal
Ramayana: A Tale of Gods and Demons
Gods and Goddesses Deck
Path of Yoga Prayer Flags
Mountain Sage Smudge - 8"
White Sage Smudge - Medium 6"
Mountain Sage Smudge Trio - Small 3.5"
White Sage Smudge Trio - Small 3.5"
White Sage Smudge - Large 8"
Desert Sage Smudge - Medium 4"
Pure Sandalwood Incense
Black Sandalwood Incense
India Temple Soap
OM Cushion Cover
OM Copper Offering Bowl
Brass Offering Bowl
Spiritual Cannibalism
Crystal Bible 3

Regular: $16.99
Special: $15.29
Relax and Renew
Seven Chakras Magnet
Kindness Magnet
Sunseal Dancing Ganesh
Chakra Ladder Tapestry Banner
OM Pendant
Vedic Astrology Deck
Sacred Sound

Regular: $79.95
Special: $67.96
Spinning Om Mani Mantra Ring
Kirtan Wallah
Feed Everyone
Lead with Your Heart

Regular: $17.99
Special: $16.19

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