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Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics
The Essential Beginner's Guide to Yoga for

by Mara Carrico

Item # 327

his is the first truly comprehensive introduction to the practice of this popular ancient healing art. Produced by a teacher of yoga for over 25 years and the editors of Yoga Journal, it offers all the inspiration and instruction you'll need to develop your own at-home yoga practice. Beginning with an exploration of the roots of yoga, the book goes on to describe a variety of hatha yoga styles - Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and others - so you can choose the method that's appropriate for you. Featuring easy-to-follow instructions and 140 black and white photographs to illustrate the postures. Yoga Basics provides a throrough understanding not only of the mechanics of technique, but of all the important elements that make yoga so much more than a fitness regime.

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Yoga Basics