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Yogi Lounge

Yogi Lounge

by Vyas, Girish, Ceiba & More

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Yogi Lounge provides an answer to the stress in your life. Yogi Lounge's ancient Sanskrit chants and mantras are set to silky vocals and rhythms from contemporary and classical instruments. The emphasis on Yogi Lounge is creating a relaxing or enjoyable environment. Mirabai Ceiba, Girish, Vyas and others lend their prodigious talents to Yogi Lounge, bringing to the album the effects of diverse spiritual paths. You will benefit from the spiritual integrity of the music they present on Yogi Lounge.-
  • Yogi Lounge is a real stress-reliever.
  • Silky vocals and rhythms from contemporary and classical instruments - that is the Yogi Lounge compilation.

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Yogi Lounge